Monday, May 11, 2015

Bike advocates oppose changes

Those roads are built for automobiles.  Bikers are just guests.  Equal access for them is not feasible.

Bike paths are built for the bikers (no cars allowed there!)   Riders should use them only for recreational purposes.

If a biker has an important task to perform, like going to work or school, and must use an automobile designated road, OK.  Do it.  But be careful.  Don't assume special rights. 

A 2000 pound car is pretty scary when moving close to a biker at 30 or 40 mph.  That's just the way it is.  Motorists can't make it comfortable unless they stop the car...which isn't going to happen.

Motorists do not want to injure bikers.  They do take care.  Just as they do with pedestrians. But they can't just pull over and stop when they see a biker or pedestrian.

If you're a biker and must use the roads, do so.  But please remember:  On the roads, you are just a guest.  And you should ride that way.

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